STEP 1 -
Hold Tow-eye in mounting location and check fit. If fit is a little off, don't worry the bolts will tighten the tow-eye tighter against the hull.

STEP 2 -
Trace outline of Tow-eye.

STEP 3 - Rough up jellcoat surface inside marked area for better bonding of adhesive.

STEP 4 -
Hold Tow-eye in mounting location and drill the forward most hole on both sides of hull. This step will help hold the Tow-eye in place for step 7.

STEP 5 -
Generously apply 5200 marine adhesive to the inside mounting surface of Tow-eye as pictured.

STEP 6 -
Also apply 5200 around the back side of bolt heads to assure a watertight seal.

STEP 7 -
Hold up Tow-eye in location and insert forward bolt into pre-drilled holes to help aline and hold Tow-eye in place.
STEP 8 - Install backing plates, flat washers and ny-loc nuts, and snug down first set of bolts.

STEP 9 -
Drill hole #2 on both sides of hull and snug down, and so on. ( DO NOT Attempt to drill all the holes at one time.)

STEP 10 -
When all bolts are good and snug, repeat again from forward to back, tightening to your fullest. ( Keep all bolt head slots running in the same direction for a neater look.)

STEP 11 -
Once the Tow-eye is tightly mounted, use Mineral Spirits to clean excess 5200 from edges. Wipe 5200 evenly around all edges for a nice finished look.

When our Tow-eyes are installed correctly, you will have a trouble free towing experience. Thank you and enjoy the strongest and best looking Tow-eye out there. You won't be disappointed, we guarantee it....